Write Your ‘Proof-of-Work’ Resume: How Bitcoin Changed My Life

• Mickey Koss found an article submission link for Bitcoin Magazine by accident and decided to submit his own article.
• His second article was rejected but it taught him to adjust his strategy and change his frame of mind.
• He eventually got over his fear of posting his content online, thanks to the support from the Bitcoin community and his wife.

Discovering Bitcoin Magazine

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but I was not invited to write for Bitcoin Magazine. How could the team there have even known that I existed? In actuality, I found its article submission link by accident while looking for a customer service email address. Then, an idea hit me for an article, I shot off a quick email and they liked the idea. Suddenly, I actually had to write a draft. When it eventually went live, I was hooked. Completely obsessed. I could not get enough of writing and then, the second article submission I sent received an unceremonious “no.” When I asked why, I received a scathing review from the editor.

Learning From Criticism

I realized though, just because they thought the article sucked, that didn’t mean that I did too. The critique was for the content, not for me. It was a great learning point that allowed me to adjust my strategy and change my frame of mind. Heck, this article is an adoption of a draft that got rejected for one of the print editions of Bitcoin Magazine. The editor who rejected me is now the producer for a fairly large, Bitcoin-focused YouTube channel. He actually just hired me to write behind the scenes for him. How’s that for full circle?

Gaining Courage Through Support

I didn’t even post my first article through social media. It took nearly 10 articles of mine being published for me to publicly allude to the fact that I wrote them by posting the articles to LinkedIn. I was scared. I was scared about what my friends would think, what people would say, how they would react